Important Lessons That We Can Learn From Web Design For Mobile Devices

These days, more and more people are making their website more accessible to users by making it compatible with mobile devices. With the use of smart phones continuously on the rise (and, therefore, the number of people browsing the net whilst on the go), this is becoming increasingly important. What have we learnt, however, from the web designs that have already gone mobile? Whilst these lessons can help us when creating mobile websites in the future, they could also change the way that we design in general.

  • Simplified Navigation
  • Think about a website that you have recently visited on a laptop and on your mobile phone – was there a drastic difference in the navigation? In many cases, the most complex and involved desktop navigation system can be narrowed down to between two and four buttons on a mobile web design. Often, this is because people searching on the go will have very different needs to those searching from their own homes – the elements that make it onto a mobile design are distinctly more task-orientated.

  • Shrink Content
  • Going back to a website that you recently visited on both types of devices, how did the content differ? In all likelihood, there was considerably less content on the web design that was created for the mobile device. In some sections, it’s likely that chunks of content were removed altogether. This has caused many people to question how necessary the content was to begin with, but it is important to keep in mind that these devices are targeting very different users.

  • No Gimmicks
  • Whilst there is a time and a place for gimmicks on the internet, the fact that they do not feature in mobile web design at all really just proves that they don’t serve a real purpose. Some of the gimmicks that frequently appear on main websites but are noticeably lacking from those that are designed for mobile devices include: splash screens, unusual navigation, animations and interactivity that lacks purpose, unusual layouts, and sections that can be scrolled individually.

Whilst these are only some of the lessons that have come out of past web designs for mobile devices, they are the ones that could easily be incorporated into websites that are designed for use on desktop and laptop computers. Whilst it may be necessary to include additional content and a few gimmicks from a marketing perspective, cutting down on fluff wherever possible is likely to give your users the best experience possible.

How to Have a Great Deal on a Unique Web Design

Everyone wants nothing but the best for their own website. But having such a website means a more complex and state of the art customizations and they don’t come cheap.  A unique website oftentimes makes you measure the depth of your pocket. But you might as well have to ask yourself, are you paying the right price? Or does the price justify the quality of your website?

But before that, it is best that you know how websites are priced. There are lots of designers who offer great deals in their services. Such a thing is remarkably an eye-catcher to the clients of the web industry especially for those who are quite pricing conscious. These great deals are often the ones where you get to have relatively the same major features and graphics but increase the usual number of pages or reseller hosting. There are times that upgrades for your website’s basic features are offered by the designers. As always, extra features mean extra cost for the client. But if you’re going to be paying extra, better go for quality rather than quantity. Extra pages are just one of the easy things a designer could do. Better to be sure that the design that you have is worth every penny from your hard earned cash. Yet then, you are not a professional web designer yourself to know all the ins and outs of web designing. This makes you vulnerable to situations where you are not sure about the rates or the exact services that best suit your needs for your website.

All you need to do is to come prepared and conduct a little research. Browsing through the designer’s website by reading some articles on the page will help you get to know the designer a lot better. It is also more likely that you get to know the background of the designer and what kind of web design you could get from him. Even still, it is best that you get to have a talk with the designer himself. By doing so, you get to clarify things regarding their services and what you can possibly get for a particular price. But make sure to give much importance on the features and functions that you want to be applied in your website. Being confused can’t be avoided so it would be good for you to lay down some options and ask the designer how much it will cost you to the said options.

Comparing prices will also be a good aid for you to decide regarding your desired website. It lets you have an outlook on how you would like things to turn out and which designer would be fit your perception and in your pocket. Think things through and think again. Consider all the options and know what’s best for you and your website before making a decision. Decision making is one of the most crucial parts of the process. A change in price is pretty much certain once you get to change your mind during the progress of the project.

An exceptional website design requires advanced graphic designs, more useful functions and a lot of work. Such design also requires a larger budget. But eventually, it is all in the matter of getting the best price with a well designed website.

3 Latest Trends in Web Design That You Experience In 2016

In this digitalized world, most of the business owners are trying to promote their companies online. This is one of the best platforms that not only help in bringing customers to buy the products and services; it also helps in building the good reputation. Brand recognition is vital for bringing your business on top of the list. Having just a website is not enough, it should contain all the information that you want to share regarding your products and services to the customers. The simple yet unique design of the site makes it popular among the viewers. When targeting online audience is an objective, customers will prefer sites that are coming on top of search engine pages.

When hiring the professionals, you will surely get a site that will fulfil all your requirements in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Having many years of experience and knowledge in this field help experts to understand the requirements of customers and make a standardized site that reflects what business owner want to deliver. You can see updates and changes in this digital platform every year. Web designers try to carry out latest strategies while developing the site. Here are some of the trends in the field of website design that will surely bring a change in the digital marketing:

1. Having Long Scrolling Sites –

It is the one of the latest trends in this present year in the field of website designing and development. The experts are designing the sites having long lengths. As the user-friendly devices like mobile phones and tablets are increasing in demand, people can scroll sites more. There is less number of linking to the Home Page. Users find it easier to scroll the content in one single page than to constantly click to get them.

2. Absence of Large Background Images –

In these days, almost all the designers prefer designing simple yet innovative sites that will attract the viewers, using large background images on the first page takes lots of areas and it is not appealing. The experts are now trying to avoid using background image pictures. Instead, they are incorporating small pictures and information together to make the site more revealing.

3. Story-Telling and Interactive –

Web designing goes hand in hand with content management. The content writers are developing articles and web contents in a story-telling way so that viewers find no difficulty in reading them. If you are not able to convey the right message to your customers, they will never visit your site to buy products and choose the services that you provide.

Apart from the above three trends, the web designers of the 21st century like to use high-definition photographs and also removing the elements of design to bring about simplicity in design.