How to Save on Electricity

So economy is pretty bad, everyone wants to know if its gonna keep going down, until when is gonna be that bad and if we will have a good economy situation again. I’m not an economist so I don’t know what to answer to this questions but I do want to know how to save some money during this situation. The first thing that came to my mind was electricity.

Electricity is one of the biggest bills that come to my house every month, and not only for my economy but for the planet I know that we waste a lot of energy daily. So what to do? How to save on electricity? Why is it so important?

If you do a Google search on ways to save energy or electricity you’ll see that there are a lot of pages showing why it is important and how to do it. Almost all of those pages have lots and lots of information, information that is not that useful and basically they show a lot but don’t really teach a lot. The truth about saving electricity is that is getting more expensive every single day (check your bills) and this is not only a matter of politics but of how much people waste it. So to save on electricity will help not only the economy of your country but specially your economy. If you start saving $10 dls/month you’ll find how easy is to save $12/month and then $20 and finally how to get even $10 bills.

Is not that hard, there’s no need to sacrifice 1 hour of TV a day to save some money (I love to watch TV), the thing here is to see how you can keep using the same amount of electricity but not paying as much. Of course you should not waste it, because that also implies to affect the planet, but to create ways of renewable energy at home is the best way to save on electricity.

What To Consider Before Hiring An Electrical Contractor

Electrical jobs in the home are not always an easy undertaking. The idea of all of that wattage coursing through the home can be very intimidating when performing repairs, but it is imperative that an electrical issue is resolved as soon as possible before it becomes an overly expensive proposition. If you do not feel comfortable completing an electrical job yourself, contact an electrical consultant, but ask some questions before you hire one.

Ask an electrical contractor who represents themselves to provide proof that they carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Electricity is not something that is inherently safe, and all contractors worth their money will have insurance to cover them and anyone else if something should go wrong. This covers any damage that may come to the home as well. There is a possibility that your homeowner’s insurance would leave you high and dry due to negligence, and injuries can lead to ugly and expensive lawsuits.

Any time you are in the market for any kind of good or service, you probably look to those individuals and businesses that have been plying their trade the longest. Electrical contractors should also be evaluated in a similar fashion. When calling around, ask your potential contractor how long he or she has been performing his or her respective job. Those who have been in the game the longest will come with more experience and likely have a long list of satisfied customers. After all, if they did a shoddy job, no new clients would come on board. Electrical work consists of many different branches, so make sure the contractor is certified to perform the work you need done. Someone certified in a branch of electricity that is not related to your needed task will do you no good.

It would be unwise to simply hire the first electrical contractor listed in the phone book. You should acquire at least three estimates, if not more. It might take some digging, but find contractors who provide free estimates on the phone. Failure or refusal to do so could be an indication of disorganization, inexperience, or laziness. Some may offer a free estimate but charge a trip fee if they come out to the house. Keep these factors in mind while shopping around.

Asking questions when hiring an electrical contractor is the only way to ensure that you find one right for you. Look for those who are established and do quality work. That way, you electrical issues are resolved without costing you too much money.

The Benefits of Annual Infrared Scanning for Electrical Equipment

Infrared scanning can reveal a variety of electrical problems before they become critical. Four electrical equipment issues that are routinely revealed by annual scans are: early stage equipment failure, overloaded equipment, load imbalance, loose connections, and hot spots. When problems are detected, the customer, the infrared scanning provider, or a repair service can correct them. In many cases, the scanning provider also offers equipment repair and replacement services, an arrangement that saves the customer money.

The benefits of infrared scanning

Most facilities have their distribution equipment scanned once a year, which is sufficient to reveal problems that develop gradually. By using scans to identify equipment problems, companies receive the following benefits, among others:

Quick identification of problems

When facilities realize they have an electrical problem but can’t pinpoint what it is, they spend valuable time and money examining an issue that a scan could solve within minutes. Instead of conducting inspections and equipment tests that may or may not reveal the problem, a facility can use infrared scanning to discover and resolve the problem on the same day.

Improvement of maintenance quality

Without the aid of scans, facilities perform power transfer switch maintenance, switchgear maintenance, and other types of maintenance using three basic methods: visual examinations, electrical tests, and routine cleaning. While necessary in their own right, none of these procedures are as adept at identifying and preventing equipment problems as infrared scanning.

Prevention of expensive replacements and repairs

If left undetected, problems in electrical equipment can damage it to the point where expensive repairs or replacements are needed. The point of electrical maintenance is to prevent these things from happening. Annual infrared scanning is the top preventative maintenance measure for electrical equipment.

Reduced equipment downtime

Problem equipment is often de-energized and inspected by hand. Then it remains de-energized while repairs are made. For facilities that can’t afford extended equipment downtime, a scan can identify problems while equipment runs at full load, keeping downtime limited to the repair process. In fact, scans should only be conducted when equipment is under full load.

Prevention of equipment failure

For most facilities, the failure of electrical equipment is an expensive prospect. In addition to requiring repairs or replacements, it can also require the use of emergency generators, or leave a facility without power when no generator is present. By identifying problems early, annual infrared scanning can help prevent equipment failure.

Prevention of injuries

If left unaddressed, electrical equipment problems could lead to dangerous events such as arc flashes, which can seriously injure or kill electrical workers. When these tragedies occur, the financial consequences can be serious. Consider the fallout that could result from a single arc flash incident: workers comp claims, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) fines, lost equipment, fire damage, damaged reputation, and lawsuits for pain and suffering. Scans play a vital role in preventing these things.

To learn more about the scan process, interested parties should contact a commercial electrical services provider that has a proven track record in electrical distribution equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacement.